Monday, July 30, 2012

Ahoy, Maiden Post!

Well hello, there! I'm Erica and a self-proclaimed cheeky beerista. Wait...a cheeky what? Do I brew my own beer? Well, no. The way I see it, "beerista" means that I live in Brew City (aka Milwaukee) Wisconsin, where I strive to try new beers and enjoy all the encounters along the way. I might not always like the brews I taste, but I sure do love the journeys that lead to them. I'd like to share the unique things I find in this city that I love through photos, music, and food. Let's just say I've had some interesting experiences and encounters and if I can just get a few of you to relate now and then my mission is accomplished. I'm not sure where this blog will take me because it's really a work in progress -- much like myself. I hope you enjoy my attempts to try new things around the city, expand my cooking abilities, capture unique moments through my camera, enjoy some excellent music, and of course sample new brews. I claim not to be an expert in anything, so please don't take me too seriously. Sprinkled throughout I would love to have guest posts from some of my favorite people who may or may not share the same love for beer that I do, but always have a great story to tell. 

So enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

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